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$90 Home Office Makeover

I recently sold my retail business to work from home, in an effort to spend more time with my family, and strive for financial freedom. While this isn’t my first time blogging, or working from home, it IS my first office space! In the past, I worked from libraries, coffee shops, on a bus, in a museum, or basically any space that would allow me an opportunity to work from my laptop. Fast forward 10 years, home renovations, marriage, and 3 children later, I have never felt the need for my own personal workspace more than I do now!

One thing that every home office has, that I surprisingly never had until now, is a desk! Because I’m not about that fast furniture life and prefer something used and/or solid, I set out on a thrift shop adventure to find something that meets my criteria of being both affordable and functional.

This desk checked off that list for me. While it isn’t perfect, nor modern, it was only $12, sturdy, and had lots of space for office supplies (currently a planner, and a fresh role of Hubba Bubba bubble tape – a childhood favorite!

While it’s not perfect, it’s the perfect opportunity for a quick makeover and a DIY post. So I set out to our local home improvement store and did something crazy: I let my 7-year-old son pick out the paint! To my surpirse, he picked out some pretty rad colors that kind of actually really like! He chose a glossy Deep Turqoise and a shiny Metallic Copper by Rustoleum, which go perfect with my 2020 personal goal of embracing COLOR!

For the knobs, I reused some old ones from a broken dresser. Most of the decor is either handmade, thrifted or purchased from local businesses. With the exception of the wall art and garland which were purchased from Hobby Lobby. Total makeover cost: $90!

Couch, Chair + Blanket: Thrifted
Frame and art print: Dollar Tree
Vase + Florals: Hobby Lobby
Macrame Planter, Pear Florals, succulent box all purchased at The Kindred Cottage in Rhinelander, WI (my old store).
The cutest little office assistant <3
Rubber Tree: Hobby Lobby $35

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