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Design Inspo: 30 Tropical Accent Walls for Boho Lovers

Why wait for summer, when you can bring summer indoors all year round? That’s exactly what these designers had in mind. From pops of color, to tropical backdrops, these rooms are inspired by love, sunshine, and tropics!

Disclaimer: I believe in supporting makers, and therefore, some of the links below are affiliate links. This means, I will earn a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click through and make a purchase.

1. Tropical Chinoiserie Wallpaper

This tropical wallpaper backdrop is perfect for the bohemian minimalist. The clean design features just the right amount of color without being too overwhelming, while the leafy greens against the white backdrop offer the perfect amount of pop without being boring. Definitely one of my faves!

2. Tropical Palm Tree Wallpaper

The “La Palma” tropical wallpaper by Fabricum checks off all of my favorite things about summer: bright colors, lots of greenery, and pops of pink!

Credit: Fabricum

3. Minimal Banana Leaves

Another tropical wallpaper for the minimalist. This design features giant banana leaves, drawn in clean lines. Add your own plants to create a stunning bohemian pop of greenery against this minimalist backdrop.

Credit: ONDECORstore

4. Jungle Cats

This fun tropical wallpaper backdrop features leopards in various poses and positions against a pastel pink backdrop. This design comes printed on wallpaper or vinyl, for those who want a less-permanent accent wall.

Credit: Green Planet Print

5. Bold and Tropical

I love this tropical wallpaper by OnDecor Store! It’s dark and moody, with pops of colors, and totally reminds me of being lost in a jungle. Not that I know what that’s like or anything.

6. Shades of Blue

This tropical wallpaper by Tropical Workshop is also moody with pops of color but the blues bring a sense of calming and quiet reflection. This would be great for an accent wall in an office or home library.

7. Moody Tropics

Another moody tropical wallpaper design that is worth mentioning. The vibrant colors near the floor, against a stark black backdrop make a large space seem cozy and inviting.

8. Going Bananas

When I was searching for tropical wallpaper designs, I started to notice a common theme: banana leaves. The larger the better! This tropical wallpaper design by Tropical Workshop features large banana leaves, lots of green, and hints of yellow.

9. Pretty in Pink

I’m a closet fan of the color pink, and I secretly LOVE this tropial pink wallpaper design by the Wallpaper Store Co. If it wasn’t for a house full of boys, this would be plastered all over one of their bedrooms. I might just have to redecorate my office space to incorporate more pinks!

10. Tropical Forest

One of my favorite wallpaper designers is Green Planet Print and this design is so perfect for a boho kids room! The clean lines, and drawings are perfect for a little kids room.

11. Tropical Oasis

When I think of tropical wallpaper, I think of designs like this one by Wallartica. The colorful foliage and vintage tones scream eclectic boho!

12. Mininimal Vines

For those who love to keep their walls clean, you will love this green vine wallpaper by Koko Art Shop. The long vines drape the walls perfectly, and offer just a splash of color, against a bright white backdrop.

13. Tropical Vintage

The dusty blues and vintage tones in this Wallpaper design by Wallartica are perfection. I like that this could easily blend in with a light gray walls, and pops of gold and blues.

14. Flamingo Love

Moody greenery with the happiest of flamingos makes this tropical wallpaper by Wallartica one of my faves!

15. Jungle Fever

The shades of green and pops of pink in this tropical wallpaper by Green Planet Print is perfect for a nursery or a kids room.

16. Vintage Tropics

This wallpaper design reminds me of a modern bohemian tropical version of something you would see in the 60s. The greenish blue foliage and pink florals contrast perfectly for an ultra cool accent wall.

17. Floral Tropics

I love this vintage-inspired tropical wallpaper design by Tropical Workshop. It’s perfect against a white or light gray interior and the different hues of red and purple are super pretty!

18. Blue Tropics

This wallpaper design by Wall Funk reminds me of a tropical vacation! The stunning shades of blue and floating palm trees are super fun and would be perfect for an accent wall in a teen bedroom.

19. Tropical Dots

Polka dots come and go out of style but I love this wallpaper design by Coloritto for its simplicity. Warm it up with toasty browns and incorporate pops of grays and blues for a stylish interior.

20. Vintage Florals

Who doesn’t love flamingos?! This Goodies Wallpaper design is perfect for the little boho in your life. Blend it in with pops of pink and bright white walls, and you’ve got yourself a stylishly, feminine space!

21. Minimal Flamingos

Another fun flamingo wallpaper design, but with an emphasis on minimalism and watercolor. These pretty flamingos are the perfect pop of pink in a bright white space.

22. Flamingo Love

Okay, last flamingo design, I promise! I just couldn’t pass up these adorable flamingo pals in this tropical flamingo wallpaper design by WallHalla. I love the lighter shades of pink and pops of yellow. This would be so cute in a little girls room or a nursery!

23. Tiger

I’m not sure what I love more: the floating tigers or the oranges. I do know that I LOVe this Tiger wallpaper print by Anewall Decor. It’s fun, it’s cute, it checks off “pretty vintage green color” on the list of all things I love and cherish in the world of design!

24. Sea Green Palms

This tropical wallpaper design by Say Home Decor is perfect for an accent wall in a beach or vacation home, bathroom, or nursery. I love its simplicity, shades of sea colors, and of course the palms.

25. Bright and Colorful

If you’re not afraid of color and love a bright and bold wall, then this wallpaper by Say Home Decor is calling your name! I love the green foliage against the bright color backdrop. This design is sure to brighten up any space!

26. Blue Tropics

Blue is the color of the year, which makes this wallpaper design by Floral Art Wallpaper so fitting for an accent wall! The large leafy palm fronds are perfect for those tropical summer vibes too.

27. Bohemian Monstera

This bohemian inspired monstera design by Street Workshop offers a gentle pop of color amongst earthy tones.

28. Pink and Green Foliage

The green foliage propped up against a bright pink backdrop make this wallpaper design by Simons Co. the perfect accent wall in your tropical space.

29. Yellow Tropics

These abstract palm trees by Spoonflower remind me of sunshine on a cloudy day. This accent wall is sure to lift your spirits and bring a sense of “happy go lucky” to any interior space.

30. Hibiscus

Pops of pink set against a bright green foliage background, this wallpaper design by Marzipan Days, is a ray of sunshine. I see this in a nursery or a little girl’s room.

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