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DIY Ice Cream Cone Magnets

I’ve been on a clay kick lately, making anything and everything with this awesome oven-bake polymer clay. I love how smooth it is, and it bakes like a dream: totally crack-free! For a homemade alternative to polymer clay, I suggest using this super easy faux clay dough recipe.

One of my favorite things to make with my kiddos lately are these DIY clay magnets. They’re super easy for kids and adults alike, and actually have a functional purpose (besides looking cute)! I prefer to use cookie cutters to make these magnets as there are so many fun choices, including this 3-piece set of cookie cutters by Ann Clark. It includes two adorable ice cream cone shapes and a Popsicle shape, perfect for summer!

How to Make Clay Magnets:

To get started making your own clay magnets, grab about 1/4 pound of clay and begin kneading on a counter-top until the dough is pliable. This will take a few minutes especially if using new polymer clay, as it’s quite crumbly. If you’re going to knead a lot of dough or struggle with this part, I recommend this clay press which will manually knead and roll out the dough for you!

Once you’ve broken the clay in to a soft and pliable ball, you can choose to dye your clay rather than paint it after it’s baked. I use a few drops of food coloring gel depending on how vibrant I want the color to be.

After you’ve kneaded the dough, roll it out so that it is no thicker than 1/4″. I find that anything thinner that 1/4″ has a higher chance of breaking or burning.

Place your cookie cutters down onto the dough and cut out the shapes as if you were making cookies. Put the shapes onto a non-stick pan or on parchment paper to prevent sticking and bake at 275 for 1 hour, or 300 for 30 minutes. If you choose to bake at a higher temp, be sure to watch the edges closely so they don’t burn. I can usually get away with baking clay at 300 as long as the dough is at least 1/4″ thick. Anything thinner should be baked between 250-275 depending on thickness.

Once the clay has finished baking, let the shapes cool completely and begin painting ! I used acrylic craft paint in various colors, and then the handle end of a paint brush to make the eyes and smiles.

Let the paint dry, and glue on one of these magnets. Make sure to glue the magnet at the top and center if you want your ice cream cone to sit upright on the refrigerator (I learned this the hard way)!

That’s it! I hope you enjoy your new refrigerator decor, and share this quick and fun tutorial with others!

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