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DIY Dollar Tree Easter Plant

The snowbanks are slowly diminishing and the sun is peeking out from behind the gray mass of clouds a little more each day, but I still miss flowers, and even greenery! Now that spring has arrived, I figured it’s time to plant some (faux) flowers!

I found the cutest terracotta planters at Dollar Tree the other day and scooped up as many as I could. You just never know how many green friends you’re going to be making as summer approaches!

Generally I don’t really like the quality of the floral department in my local Dollar Tree, but I found these really nice lavender and clover picks, that were perfect for a spring plant. You know what else likes clover? Bunnies! So, I picked up some bunnies on sticks as well (2 for $1)!

For this project you will also need some foam and moss, also found at Dollar Tree. The moss will actually go a long way, and you can easily make 4 or 5 more potted plants with a single package.

Place the foam into the pot and glue the moss over top to hide the foam. I cut about 2″ off of the stems with a wire cutter before inserting the florals into the foam, which made the plant look fuller.

Don’t forget the bunny!

Pretty cute, huh?

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