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DIY Mini Jute Easter Baskets

I’m obsessed with anything mini and these adorable DIY Easter baskets make the perfect statement on a small budget. There are so many uses for these baskets like teacher gifts, gifts for children, table placecards for Easter dinner, party favors, and so on. Simply fill these mini easter baskets with chocolate eggs, edible grass, or other Easter goodies. When the holidays are over, switch the eggs out and replace with fun florals or faux succulents for a fresh summer look.

What You Need:

Most of these supplies can be found at your local dollar store, and I’m willing to bet you already have most of these right in your home! You only need TWO things to get started:

  • Jute cord (3/16″ or thicker)
  • Glue gun + hot glue
  • Scissors

Step One

Dab the end of the jute with some hot glue and wind it around itself, creating a coil. Cut off the end and secure with glue. This will become the base of the basket, about 2.5-3″ wide.

Step Two

Dab the perimeter of the base with glue and attach the jute to the base. Go slowly, and be sure the glue is completely dry or the basket will lose its shape. After you’ve completed the first row, stack the second one on top and continue until you’ve glued/stacked 5 rows of jute.

Step Three

This last step is easy peasy! Cut a small piece of jute for the handle, about 7″ long and place a dab of glue on each end. Secure to the inner edges of the basket and let dry.

Lastly, fill your basket with Easter goodies and enjoy!

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