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Edible Easter Peeps House

This crafty snack is sure to delight, and makes the perfect Easter treat for kids of all ages! Grab your graham crackers and let’s get started:


Several of the ingredients are purely for decoration purposes, but that’s all the fun. Let your imagination run!

  • 1 box of peeps
  • 1 box of graham crackers
  • Candy eggs
  • Vanilla Frosting
  • Sprinkles
  • Edible easter grass


  1. Grab 3 full-lenth graham crackers and break them in half to make 6 squares.
  2. Place one square in the middle, and 3 squares around the left, right, and top edge, saving two squares for the roof.
  3. Frost the edges of the three squares around the base, and attach firmly. Next frost the roof and add sprinkles.
  4. Decorate with edible grass and candy eggs.
  5. Place your peep inside and let dry.
Video Tutorial for DIY Easter Peeps House

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